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You know I can't forget...
12th-May-2015 08:48 pm - This is it.
I found Tim. 
18th-Jun-2014 05:06 am - This job
This job is incredibly tiring.

To describe it perfectly, I'd have to have someone encounter a dementor. It is literally a soul sucking thing, and I've been feeling burdened by it all.

I like to think myself partly invincible. Having the right amount of IQ points does have it side-effects, i.e the inflating ego, but I'm also human and I think it will be really difficult for me to pass the torch to someone else.

There are too many responsibilities, and I always find myself reverting back to this hermit I've always been in the past. It's becoming worse, and for this sort of job, it's just plain unacceptable. I'm an introvert for a reason. I cannot find enjoyment in being around people for long periods of time. It's just not done. As much as I'd wish for myself to be a social butterfly, I haven't gotten the predisposition to be that sort of person.

I can feel myself boring people with my constant complaints and rants of woes in my uneventful life. I wonder if V and T ever wished for me to be this mood maker instead of the nihilist I always seem to make myself look.

Depression is terrible. I can feel it destroying my organs, the pressure that would always weigh down on my chest after I've come off work, freeing myself from the adrenaline of mind-numbing work. I do fear it will be the cause of my demise, because I don't want to pass that way. I want to be happy. To be rid of all these demons living in my head.

I want my traumas gone. I want a fresh start at life without the burning knowledge of my horrible past resting in my skull.

I can't even tell my grandparents, the ones whom I've always felt were my true parents.

I am tired but I do still put faith in God. I hope one day, this test will end, and I will be in peace. 
I could do it. At least I think so, based on my current writing skill. I'm a nobody of course, and that would make it interesting to others. Although, I think readers probably wouldn't like me four pages in the book, as I tend to think I'm better than others. But everyone's entitled to think that way; I only do it so I won't go near the deep end.

I was so exhausted from hell, also known as 'school', that I passed out once I got home and saw my bed. It was all planned, you know.
- Sleep
- Wake up at 7:30 something
- do homework
- shower
- waste at least an hour or two online
- sweet, sweet sleep

Only that I woke up before the specific time I set my alarm clock to, saw that the lights were on, the door was open and every single one in my so called family were speaking to each other in the loudest manner they can. <--- Probably exaggerated, but I have heightened hearing so even their normal speaking voice is already loud to me.

I became irritated. The other night, my mom told me she was considerate of others when they're sleeping. I snorted of course, knowing that she's far from a considerate person, towards sleeping people anyway. I'm considerate. I try to move around the house like a ninja so people who are sleeping won't even know I fucking exist. I locked the door. I'm already near stage 1 of sleep and my sister tries to fucking open the door. I kept telling myself that if they just wait until 7:30 something, I'd open the door and come out all happy and shit. Now I don't know about you, but in my house, I'm not allowed to lock my room unless I was changing clothes. The knocks kept coming, and they became louder and louder until my mom said, "You watch out for Daddy." He's the one who instilled the no locking policy. I scoffed. I'm not fucking afraid of my stepdad. I told myself I'll never allow myself to feel that unlike years ago. They tried and tried, and eventually the door's shaking the house because it was my stepdad who was convincing me to open it. I stayed in my bed, comforted by the dark. He left and my mom took her turn into shaking the door.

When I opened it, I couldn't help but tell mom why I locked it, how she was inconsiderate whenever I'm sleeping and the tears just poured. I was so frustrated with the fact that I was exhausted, my 'relatives' were inconsiderate pricks, and that woman has the nerve to tell me that I shouldn't act this way and that I should adjust my schedule to them because it's them who are awake at this hour. 

She did her thing in the room, closed the lights and closed the door, leaving me in the darkness. It was only then that I let myself go and cried and cried. I don't know what it is but I felt pain and I just wanted to get out of here. I should adjust my schedule to yours? I will fucking never do that. You know why? I don't want to and I don't want to sleep at the same time you do. I swear everyone here needs to be fucking right all the time, I can't win, and I'm not trying to but I want to change them just a bit and make them more considerate and think why I'm like this.

I've been feeling sick and my crying was a cry for help. I needed someone to side with me but no one came to my side. I thought mothers always knew what their kids are feeling and what's happening to them all the time. I see moms like that from time to time and I keep wondering why my mom seems like a psychopath compared to them. It's evident that I'm not a priority in this house I live in. I'm so tired of crying in frustration because I see that I'm not important to them. They may say that I'm the only one thinking that but I know it's because I'm 18 and grown up. Well guess what, I'm fucking unstable and prone to panic attacks and sometimes have the urge to cause pain to myself just so I can forget how unwanted I am under this fucking roof. And they pester me to talk to them if I have problems. I'm never going to go running to you people because I'm fucking cold. I don't think I've ever felt like you people were there for me. You just expect me to function well, emotionally and physically, because I'm supposed to be mature now based on my age. And you wonder why I don't like going out with you anywhere. I am insignificant to you people and I've only ever felt significant to my best friends, and they're on the other side of the world so I'm on the edge all the time. I'm in my bad place.
17th-Dec-2012 01:05 am - Voices
I haven't heard from them lately. Of course this is a good thing for me as I'm not going to be driven into insanity. Sometimes I wish they came with corporeal figures, so I can have companions but that would be too much.

Yea. That's it. Just a thing I wanted to say before I wallow in self pity because I have neglected my homework. My comic isn't done yet and it's due tomorrow /cries a river

Oh well.
7th-Dec-2012 12:26 am - State of disarray
So many bizaare things have been happening lately. I think it's safe to assume that it's because I haven't been sleeping well and I'm merely experiencing hallucinations, but I'm not sure. I don't know where to stand on this issue because this thing is just ridiculous, and it does not match with my beliefs.
I've been reading a lot of scary stories lately. Creepypasta. Yep. I'm an idiot.
Normally, I'd read stuff just to get a kick out of them, entartain myself when I'm bored and when my creative juices aren't flowing like usual. I don't know why it's starting to affect me, but I don't know. Maybe they're not, maybe they are. Like I said, I'm confused.
Well it started with me sitting in the living room and using my stepdad's laptop. I was the only one at home, and I was watching Deus Ex Machina endings, all twelve of them. Mind you I just got home from school, so I was pretty tired that day. I started dozing off, and began to slouch in my huge office chair when someone, a girl, screamed in my hear. Of course I was startled and immediately opened my eyes. The video I was watching was still playing and I look around me. No one there. My initial reaction: Holy fucking crap, tell me I was just imagining things.
I wasn't, and my right ear was still tingling from the shrill. It was fucking unnerving. I couldn't stand up from my spot. I refused to since if I did, and walk towards the kitchen, I'd see the bathroom and my room, whose lights weren't on by the way. Nope. No way am I going to peek and see if anyone other than me is inside the house. I'm not stupid. I watch horror movies. Those idiots who always call out, "Who's there?" fucking die everytime they do that. Don't they ever learn?
So I sat there until my mom got home. I started to chat with my friend about what just happened and she had to remind me of that fucking story called "She found her way into my house". :| Can I die now? No, actually I'd like to cry in a corner now, and cry the pacific ocean.
That was not the end, unfortunately. I was up the other night again, at around 1:30am I think, procrastinating and pretending I was doing homework on my laptop. Everyone was asleep, and I, the only nocturnal creature in this house, was awake, typing my story away in the darkness. Stupid. Fucking stupid.
I was just sitting here, staring at my story and suddenly I hear two whispers in my left ear. I know it wasn't my sister nor my mom, because they were snoring and shit and the voices were of a girl's and a guy's. I don't fucking know what they whispered because I was too terrified by the fact that people had whispered to me. I shut down my laptop and immediately climbed into my bed. The fact that my closet doesn't close made everything worse.
I don't like being scared. It makes me feel like I'm losing my faith in God. It makes me feel like something's gotten past my defences, exposed even.
This is fucking ridiculous. I want this to stop. I haven't had problems with ghosts since I was in fourth grade so this better stop soon.
17th-Nov-2012 10:45 pm - Stirred not shaken
Well, I actually beg to differ. Shaken sounds worse(?) though, so for now, I'm sticking to 'stirred'.

Today was an unproductive day. It actually still is and it's breaking my heart (ew too early for melodramatics) because I feel like I'm losing IQ points due to myself lounging in front of my laptop and doing nothing. Even if I'm writing this right now, I still feel useless. My contribution to the world is so miniscule and I can't accept that fact. I have a particularly large ego, and admitting to myself that I'm lazy is saying something. I don't do lazy. My brain is supposed to be working 24/7. It's supposed to be not quiet. Alas, it is and it's unnerving.

So because of this stupid fact, I went on FB. Now I just happened to see on my news feed that it was one of my former classmate's birthday. So being me, the nosy and curious idiot, I went through my classmate's pics. I think I went through more than 40 pictures until I stopped at one photo. It was a picture of some of my other classmates. Nowadays, people like to hire these studios/photographers, whatever, and they set up these 'photobooths' where people can make silly faces, use props and whatnot in their pictures. My eyes just happened to land on one person and bam. I went still and stared at the person for about 10 minutes.

I used to have feelings for them. Except, apparently, 'used to' isn't the right word. It's not the wrong word either. I just felt....something? at seeing this person's face, all happy and shit. I laughed at myself then went on to the next pictures.

It was just weird. I mean I thought I had my head on straight after 2 years, but apparently I haven't. Nope. Stirred is a definitely good word to describe myself at that moment. I thought to myself, 'If you haven't moved on, then how the fuck are you going to?' I was suddenly questioning my beliefs and attitude. Liking them was wrong (romantically at least) and love was out of the question. (I'm still confused about love so I'm setting that aside.)

I'm really confused now. Where should I stand on this issue? Trust me, there is an issue but I won't go into depth because people I know would be able to decipher this sob story and figure out who I'm talking about. I feel ridiculous, like Draco when he was being hugged by Voldemort. I don't know how to stop feeling this way (god how cliché).

Maybe I should do a reality check. I've become crazy after not hearing my thoughts for a week now. I'm crazy enough to actually want for more stuff to do. (I actually do have a lot of things waiting to be finished but I just feel that they're too easy for me to pay any attention to...)

Ugh. What do I dooooo? :|
28th-Sep-2012 01:15 am - Giddy
I've been watching To the beautiful you, the korean version of Hana Kimi. Honestly, it's not my kind of drama but I'm starting to like it because of the amazing OSTs. First was Onew's and now Taemin sung too. I like how it plays whenever Minho appears on screen, smiling like no tomorrow and here I am, my 2MIN feels fluctuating left and right. 
7th-Sep-2012 10:09 pm - Eccentric 2/2
Chapter 1


Jaejoong learned the man's name when the man was greeted by another tall man. He watched as the two chatted, the new person ranting about various foods he had eaten during his trip. The man kept looking around him and his friend kept thumping his head to keep the man's focus on him. Jaejoong raised the book he had with him, the glossy one, and kept his face close to it. He had a feeling that the man was looking for him. Although why the man was so interested in him, Jaejoong didn't know.

The man, Yunho, waved at his taller friend, the smile plastered on his face uncomfortable but genuine enough. Jaejoong guessed that Yunho just didn't like how violent his friend was with him. As soon as Yunho's friend was gone, his smile disappeared, he then walked away and Jaejoong followed him again.

Yunho walked so fast that Jaejoong struggled to keep up with him, more than once Jaejoong had to apologize to some unsuspecting civilian whom he would bump with. Yunho entered the supermarket picking up a basket and disappearing through one of the aisles. Jaejoong cursed softly and deftly picked up a basket too. If this game of pursuit Jaejoong was playing ended up being fruitless, he might as well shop food for Yoochun, he would appreciate that.

Tiptoeing down the juices aisle, he finally spotted Yunho inspecting two juice bottles in his hands. He shook his head, this man didn't know what's good for him even if it smacked him in the face.

"Choose the left one, you weirdo." Jaejoong hissed quietly. He was itching to near the man and grab the juice bottle, needing one as well. Jaejoong left the aisle and picked up various things from the shelves, he could chase after Yunho later.

Feeling his bladder ready to burst, he tucked his basket in between two vegetable stalls and craned his neck up to look for a washroom sign. He dodged people left and right as he whizzed his way to the public washroom.

Jaejoong entered the washroom and found all the ones outside already occupied. He sighed in relief and made his way to a cubicle, locking it immediately. How those men leered at him and the way they eyed him from head to toe in two seconds flat unnerved him. As he was relieving himself, he thought up of a brilliant idea. He pulled his pants up and flushed the toilet, pushed his door open and peeked outside. There was no one left. Jaejoong grinned. After he washed his hands, he went back to his cubicle, crouched on top of the toilet and locked the door.

He waited for quite a while, which in particular was annoying Jaejoong. Didn't the men in this planet peed in a normal fashion like how girls do? Those were almost always inside a washroom, hanging out and doing whatever girls did inside a washroom. He shifted his foot, careful not to dip his boots in the bowl. The sound of footsteps echoed outside and Jaejoong realized it was getting louder. The footsteps continued into the bathroom and ended on the cubicle next to his.

He put a tentative boot down the floor and craned his neck down to see the man's footwear. Most of the man's pants covered the shoes, but Jaejoong saw it was a pair of chestnut leather shoes, expensive ones too. Jaejoong frowned, feigning a gagging motion, the man's actually sitting? Didn't he know that it was crawling with invisible vermins right now

He went back to crouching on the toilet and giggled in his hands. It was Monday and he was bored extremely. That didn't bode well for anyone. He breathed in deeply and let out a noise.


The reaction was instant and heard something smack against the wall dividing their cubicles. Jaejoong heard the man curse and he could only imagine the panicked reaction on the man's face, while darting his eyes around to look for the culprit.

"Anyone there?" asked the man, his voice wavering. Oh how Jaejoong wanted to howl with laughter. The man was scared already and it was only one pterodactyl gibberish, Jaejoong was just starting.


"Holy shit!" The man repeated the cursing, all the while rolling out the toilet paper from his stall if the rustling Jaejoong was hearing was any indication.  Jaejoong pressed his ear against the wall between them and released a guttural groan, the sound awful and loud, and Jaejoong stretched out the sound.

"I swear if this is some prank it is not funny!"

Jaejoong heard the man fumble around inside the cubicle, probably struggling to pull up his pants. He saw the man's shadow become clearer and figured he was going to check if someone's inside Jaejoong's cubicle. The man cursed again seeing as there weren't any shoes on the floor.

"O-okay." Jaejoong heard a slapping sound. "You're being haunted in a public washroom. This is completely normal. I'm going to be okay. There's lots of people outside." The man was assuring himself.

Stifling his giggles, Jaejoong placed both of his hands on the walls beside him and braced himself

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Jaejoong screamed until his lungs ran out of air.

Jaejoong immediately heard the other's door rattle and the man screamed his lungs out as he scrambled out of the bathroom. Feeling accomplished at what he did, Jaejoong opened his cubicle door silently and stepped outside. Something bubbled from inside his chest and he grinned, shooting his fists in the air in triumph

While laughing out loud and looking at his elated expression on the mirror, he happened to see the reflection of the cubicle next to his. The man had left his expensive looking shoes inside the stall, perfectly aligned.

"He left his shoes." Jaejoong blinked at the mirror. "He got so scared that his feet popped out of his shoes and ran outside." He whispered, a bit disbelieved at the events. Jaejoong leaned on the sink counter and laughed himself hoarse, eventually choking on his own spit.

He calmed himself down and walked outside. People were walking around normally and nothing was amiss. Jaejoong picked up his basket and beckoned to a grocery clerk.

"Yes sir?" The maroon haired worker said. Jaejoong marvelled at how adorable this kid looked with his blinding grin.

"Hey, there's this guy who ran screaming outside the bathroom. He left his shoes too." Jaejoong said, leaning down and sharing a conspiratorial look with the employee. The younger looking boy scrunched up his face.

"Idiots." The clerk said, shaking his head. Jaejoong leaned back and nodded at him.

"It happened before then?" Jaejoong asked, an amused glint in his eyes.

"Yes, this is the third time this month. I'll take care of this, sir. Thank you for letting me know." The employee bowed at him and Jaejoong smirked at the boy before he left. There was a confused expression on the boy before his eyebrows shot up. Jaejoong sped up his pace as he covered his mouth with a hand, giggling madly as he passed by people

"He knows now I guess." Jaejoong muttered, grinning at memory of the man he scared

He spotted a strange tuft of hair bouncing on someone's head and saw it was Yunho. The man was heading to the department store section of the supermarket. Jaejoong grinned at seeing the handsome man and followed him for the second time that day.

Yunho wasn't wearing any shoes.

Jaejoong's eyes widened as he watched Yunho try on a pair of shoes, chestnut coloured and almost the exact replica of the ones left in the washroom, except cheaper and not sturdy looking. He put his basket down and made his way to the man, sporting a face splitting grin. Yunho's eyes widened as he saw Jaejoong approach him, his face immediately turning red at the sight of the dark haired man.

"Where's your shoes?" Jaejoong asked innocently.

"I-I..umm..Hi mis-" Yunho stopped and corrected himself, "Hi uh..."

"Jaejoong. My name's Jaejoong."

"H-hi Jaejoong." Yunho shifted his footing and faced Jaejoong. "Um.. I threw away m-my shoes. The soles fell apart." Yunho lied. Jaejoong raised an eyebrow and clasped his hands behind him, leaning closer to Yunho. He switched his glance to the shoe in Yunho's hand.

"That looks nice." Jaejoong smiled at him.

"U-um yea."

"You haven't told me your name."

"Sorry, that was rude of me. I'm Y-yunho."

" 'Y-yunho' huh?"

Yunho cleared his throat, stepping back a bit. "Yunho." He corrected. Jaejoong nodded to the shoes.

"I'll buy them for you."


"I said I'll buy them for you, Yunho."

"W-wha-" Yunho spluttered. "Why?"

"I think I might know the culprit from the bathroom." Jaejoong whispered to him. His mask of indifference almost cracked as he restrained himself from laughing at Yunho's reddened face. The guy was reinventing the colour red.

"Y-you know..?" The shoe clattered to the floor as Yunho dropped it

"Don't worry I won't tell anyone." Jaejoong promised him. He tugged at Yunho sleeves, wary of the man's hands. He didn't wash them in his fright. "Let's go, I'm going to ask for your shoes back from this cute clerk I talked to earlier."

They found the employee. Jaejoong was delighted to see cute kid earlier, learning the man's name was Junsu. Junsu made them follow him as he led them to their lost and found storage room, letting Yunho confirm his belongings. As Yunho signed his name on the release form, Jaejoong giggled with Junsu at the back of the room, relating how he scared the poor man. Once Yunho was done, Jaejoong said farewell to Junsu, promising to visit him sometimes and led Yunho to the bathroom again. He was reluctant to follow Jaejoong but did so anyway. Jaejoong directed him at a sink.

"Wash your hands. I'll not have a friend who has not the least bit of OCD in their brain." Jaejoong airily said at Yunho, to which the man only nodded to.

"Did you sit at the toilet?" Jaejoong asked with a grimace on his face. Yunho looked at him oddly.

"Just answer it."

"Of course not. I had it covered in tissues first." Yunho glanced at Jaejoong again as he dried his hands. "You ask weird questions."

"Says the man who ran out of the bath- mmph."

Yunho covered Jaejoong's mouth. Jaejoong panicked for a bit but relaxed as he remembered the man already washed his hands. He swatted away the offending hand.

"Please refrain from saying it out loud." Yunho said, his face reddening again. Jaejoong merely stared at him and dragged him outside of the bathroom

"Come on. You're a new friend and definitely need to have dinner with me." Jaejoong declared, thrusting the man's basket to his hands and pushing him towards an aisle.

"Dinner?" Yunho voiced out. Jaejoong noted how Yunho's skin warmed up again. Oh right, this guy was pining for him at the start, even feigning a stumble just to have contact with Jaejoong's body. Jaejoong shrugged not really caring, he liked Yunho already. Maybe someday he'll tell him who really made him run out of the washroom. Someday.

"Yes, with a friend of mine. Unless you want that onl we ave dinner together." Jaejoong said, a sly smile on his face

"N-no. I don't mind." Yunho quickly said. "Unless you want to of course."

"Dinner for two it is then." Jaejoong agreed. Pterodactyl noises were really useful, especially in making friends into potentia boyfriends

"Huh. I'm gay?" Jaejoong asked himself. He turned around and stared at Yunho. Yunho stared right back. "Are you gay? For me at least." He asked.


"Unless you say yes, there's no point in having dinner alone with me." Jaejoong pointed out. He watched as various expressions passed Yunho's face.

"Yes." Yunho finally said. "For you, yes." Jaejoong grinned and pecked Yunho on the lips, surprising the taller man.

"You didn't flinch. That's good." Jaejoong said thoughtfully, picking at the vegetables in front of him and dropped them on Yunho's basket. "You should respond next time. The kiss isn't as magical if the participants don't participate."

"Jaejoong, you're weird."

"I know." Jaejoong dropped another item on the basket and looked around. No people, no mirrors and no security cameras around. He grabbed Yunho's neck and crashed his lips against the taller man's own. Jaejoong almost lost his balance but Yunho caught his waist and held him against the taller man's chest. Yunho was participating and Jaejoong's legs turned to jelly

"I should scare people often." Jaejoong whispered through the kiss. Yunho's hand tugged at Jaejoong's hair, making his head tilt back. The man was skilled

"What?" Yunho breathed as he leaned on Jaejoong's forehead. Jaejoong felt lightheaded and he smiled at Yunho.

"Nothing. Come on friend. e have a dinner to prepare." Jaejoong leered at Yunho, letting his hands drop down to the man's abs and hooking a finger on Yunho's belt. He tugged at it and quickly untangled himself from Yunho and turned to lead the way. Alright, making pterodactyl noises was the best way to mak friends

The end. Hope you enjoyed :D This can be read at my asianfanfics account: xinef919. :)

7th-Sep-2012 09:53 pm - Eccentric 1/2
Title: Eccentric
Characters: Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu, Changmin, Yoochun
Pairing: Yunjae
Summary: Jaejoong is free on Monday. He has no obligations whatsoever on the only glorious day of the week for him, so what does he do? He wastes his day away inside a public washroom, making pterodactyl noises.

​Disclaimer: Faaack. If I owned them.... Imma ship them all to Bora Bora... :> Sadly, I don't...so


​Jaejoong sat on the pavement, eyeing the various people enter in and out of the district's mall. Bored at how everyone almost looked the same, he tucked his knees to his chest and leaned on his arms. His pocket vibrated, took out his phone, and held the speaker to his ear.

"Yes?" He said, expecting a telemarketer. Those people were always so pushy and Jaejoong was pushy, so that was saying something.

"Hey, I thought you were going to cook for me?" said the voice on the other line. Jaejoong looked at the phone's screen. Ah. Yoochun. He put his ear close to it again.

"It's Monday." Jaejoong sighed.

"Yes it is."

"It's my alone time."

"I know that. You promised though." Yoochun said. Jaejoong could practically here the other's pout.

"Whatever. I'm at the mall, you could come here if you want." When Yoochun didn't respond, he spoke again. "Browse the internet. Do it yourself."

"I'm going to burn down my flat. Jaejoo-" 

Irritated at being interrupted, Jaejoong closed the phone. He turned it off, just in case Yoochun decided to disturb him again. He went back to 'human gazing', thinking that maybe studying the anatomy of the human body could benefit him in the future. A stocky man was walking towards the mall entrance and Jaejoong decided this was a worthy specimen. The man was tall, tanned and above average looking. Jaejoong frowned though, the man's lips were almost brown, and he speculated that the man smoked. He squinted his eyes to try and see the man's fingernails. 

"Gross." Jaejoong breathed.

He shook his head in dismay. Not worthy enough it seems.

A blur passed by him, and Jaejoong followed a small boy clad in a black jumper sprint towards a woman, who was beckoning to the boy with her hand. The boy collided with the stocky man. The latter caught both himself and the boy. A scowl was directed at the kid. Jaejoong covered his ears as he watched the man berate the boy, and when the boy's mother approached them, all went to hell. The arguing man and woman had attracted a small crowd, each whispering to their companion as they focused their gazes at the two adults arguing over a small boy. Jaejoong stood up and dusted his pants. The yelling was making his head hurt.

He slipped through the distracted crowd and entered the mall. Jaejoong smiled at the cold air that met him and put his hands in his pocket. After a while of roaming around the mall, his feet started to hurt. He ignored the pain and continued to walk around. He entered the bookstore, pleased to find out that people were scarce and there was a small chance of an argument happening.

"May I help you?" A woman's voice said. Jaejoong glanced around and saw a clerk. Her leer was unmistakeable so Jaejoong made a non-commital noise and walked away from the woman. Once he was in between two tall shelves, he shuddered, jumping a bit to shake off the feeling of the woman's gaze. When he was done, he scoffed. 

"Women with no morals. Ugh. They think leering's alright when it's them. Don't they know it's just as disgusting as how men do it?" Jaejoong muttered darkly as he browsed the shelves for an interesting read. Flicking his fringe, he squinted his eyes at a glossy covered book and leafed through it. He got so absorbed with it that he didn't sense a presence behind him until the person accidentally bumped Jaejoong's back. He let out a small yelp and steadied himself by the shelf.

"I'm sorry, Miss. If you'll move for a sec, I'll just reach out for a book and be on my way." The person said. Jaejoong huffed a bit but moved away. He saw a long tanned arm reach for the highest shelf. For a second he thought it was the annoying man earlier, seeing as they had the same skin colour. Jaejoong followed the man's arm, all the way to the shoulders and saw a small, but handsome, face. A strange tuft of hair bounced on the man's head as he struggled for a second. A smiled appeared on the man's face and Jaejoong caught his breath. This was a worthy specimen, unlike that rude man earlier. The man looked at him.

"Sorry, Miss. Thanks." The man lifted the book in front of him, showing Jaejoong it had the same glossy cover as the one he was reading earlier. There was a row of the same books in front of Jaejoong, so Jaejoong found it weird that the man had worked himself up reaching for a book on the highest shelf. Maybe Jaejoong was blocking the entire shelf and the man just failed to notice there was a bunch in front of Jaejoong?

"I'm not a Miss. I'm a guy, can't you tell?" Jaejoong said rather haughtily. Can't anyone see the difference between males and females anymore? He had broad shoulders, that's hard to miss. The man's face reddened and scratched his head.

"Oh. My apologies then." He said softly and turned to leave. Jaejoong narrowed his eyes at the man's retreating back. He followed him.

1st-Sep-2012 01:30 am - Fanfics
Oh god, how long has it been since I wrote here?

A long time actually.

So far, I've spent my whole summer going to various places and moving about the planet. Psh, as if. All I've actually done was laze around the house and write my fanfics. I have to say that writing has become enjoyable, in fact it is now second to drawing, which is my most favourite hobby. The writing addiction's been ingrained in my soul and I'm bloody well enjoying it. Some of my fanfics are crap in my opinion, but hopefully I can revise them in the future. 

Now, to the actual point of this post. I've decided to post my precious fics here. Mind you, only one is currently complete and there's several that are still ongoing because I have too much ideas lurking in my head. 

Alright. So, I'm going to arrange my stuff probably next week once I'm settled back at school. :)

See ya later folks ;)

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